To be the leader in automotive transformation and access to market. Our vision for the future is to continue developing our company so that the work and services we provide meet and satisfy customer needs, with the aim of expanding to all corners of South Africa in the next 5 years


Honest, trustworthy and reliable automotive services is at the heart of all we do. Our mission is to make customers and their families safer on the road through a network high quality service and advice. Provide customers with a true sense of trust and peace of mind. Create a network of automotive service providers that; clearly explains all work undertaken and puts the customer first, in a welcoming and friendly environment.

  • Putting the customer first – their needs, their vehicle, and their safety. We want our customers and their families to be safe on the road and to feel confident while driving. We believe customers should have complete peace of mind and trust in all aspects of  service to them.
  • A positive experience from the moment of arrival – easy parking, a friendly welcome, and a clear explanation of our services. All members of our network must show the customer the same high levels of care, support and respect.
  • Work completed and checked by highly trained technicians – we believe in training and mentoring to be the best, and will invest in the next generation of technicians. 
  • Clear communication at all times – clear explanation of work and pricing, complete transparency in all verbal and written communication so customers can have complete confidence in all service and work provided through our network.

Deliver premium automotive services to all South Africans. Lower your lifetime vehicle costs, while ensuring you receive consistent and reliable service from your vehicle.

Why Join Us?

Isisa Motor Clinic is a brain child of Sisa Mbangxa founder of APMMA (African Panel beaters and Motor Mechanics Association) which is the non-profit organisation that represents the previously and presently dis-advantaged artisans in the automotive industry. The organisation was formed in 2009. In November 2014 Sisa led APMMA when it lodged the complaint at the Competition Commission. The complaint was about the independent workshops to be allowed to service, maintain and repair in warranty vehicles without consumers or motorists losing their manufactures warranty. In March 2017 the Competition Commission ruled in APMMA’s favour and the process of developing the Code of conduct in competing in the automotive industry ensued. The process led to the development of enforceable Guidelines for competition in the S.A Automotive Aftermarket which were published on the 10thDecember 2020 and became effective on the 01st July 2021. 

This is a great victory for the S.A consumers/automotive, fleet management companies, artisans and entrepreneurs and the automotive industry at large. However, there is still a lot to be done to ensure that the artisans and entrepreneurs in the townships and rural areas benefit in this great victory. These artisans in the townships and rural areas do not have the state of the art workshops with proper tools and equipment to work on in warranty vehicles as opposed to their competitors, which are predominantly manufacturers dealerships. The artisans/ entrepreneurs in the townships and rural areas trade in different individual names and brands whereas their competitors trade under branded groups nationally for consumer confidence. 

 Isisa Motor Clinic has been formed to ensure that all these challenges faced by the artisans/entrepreneurs in the townships and rural areas are addressed. Isisa want to ensure that the previously and presently dis-advantaged artisans in the automotive industry do fully benefit in the automotive industry mainstream access to market brought by Automotive guidelines. 

Workshop Design

We help develop workshops from the ground using our Isisa designs and standards. Alter the existing workshops to meet Isisa designs and standards where necessary.

Tools and Equipment

We ensure that all Isisa workshops have the necessary tools and equipment to service, maintain and repair in and out of warranty vehicles.

Training and Mentorship

We ensure that Isisa workshops get the necessary skills and training to service, maintain and repair in and out of warranty vehicles.

Access To Markets

We will lobby and advocate on behalf of all Isisa franchisees assisted by APMMA. To ensure that all our franchisee benefit from Right to Repair S.A.

Our Partners

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APMMA Certified
Fully certified member of African Panelbeaters and Motor Mechanics Association.